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Other Devon Blacksmiths

LYNE family of Dolton

Samuel LYNE [18370] was a blacksmith in Dolton village in 1841, when Henry Hammet [10976]  was his servant he had an apprentice William VILLEY. He married Ann SCOTT, her brother William SCOTT married Jane HEARD [20004] to make another connection to the HEARD family. In 1851 he was still a blacksmith in Dolton and his apprentice was then Henry CLARK. He was a blacksmith but there was no apprentice with him in 1861. He died in November 1870. Samuel’s father Thomas LYNE [18367] and grandfather George LYNE [18377] were also blacksmiths. Dr Peter LYNE has written about this family online here.

Thomas LYNE [18506] brother of Samuel, was also a blacksmith in 1841 and 1851. In 1841 he was with his wife and son William, also a blacksmith, and daughter Ann in Lyne’s Cottage, Dolton. On the 1851 census he is in Lyne’s Brook, Dolton with his wife and son William [18511] who had become a local preacher. He was still a blacksmith at the age of 73 at Brook Cottage in Dolton in 1861. He died in 1865.

William LYNE [18511], the son of Thomas, went back to being a blacksmith. He had married Ann BULLIED and was a blacksmith in Dolton village in 1861 and 1871. In 1881 he had was a draper and grocer as well as a smith. His daughter Rosa was a draper’s assistant and his neice Emily DAWE was a dressmaker. He had retired by 1891 and died in 1892. His son William Bullied LYNE moved to London and went into the drapery trade.

John LYNE [13604] was a blacksmith in Dolton in 1841 and 1851. He died in Dolton in December 1851. Although being born in Dolton around the same time as the other Lyne blacksmiths we have found no connection as yet. His daughter Mary married William FOLLAND.

Blacksmiths in our FOLLAND family.

Henry FOLLAND [2733] described himself as a blacksmith of St Giles in the Wood in his will. He did not mention a wife or children. Most of his brothers and sisters were given the proverbial shilling. His nephew Henry FOLLAND [11066], a smith living with him was given five pounds but his house, blacksmith shop, tools and materials he gave to his sister Esther CLARKE  [2735].

After Henry died in 1836 young Henry [2740] went to live with his mother’s brother in Upton Pyne and became an agricultural machine maker.

Henry CLARK [13720], the son of Esther CLARKE [2735] was apprentice to Samuel LYNE  [18370] in Dolton in 1851. Samuel and Henry are fourth cousins. He had married Ann RUSTON, they had had a daughter and with his brother John were living in Cripplegate, Middlesex in 1861. By 1871 he was an engine smith living in Finsbury. As machinery became more popular many Blacksmiths converted to the care of engines in this way.

Michael FOLLAND [6199] was a second cousin to Henry [2733]. The first mention of him being a blacksmith was when his first child was baptised in 1820 in Merton. He was a blacksmith on the censuses between 1841-1861 and he is in the History, Gazetteer & Directory of Devon, 1850.

His son Thomas FOLLAND [6202] was working with him in 1851 but we have not found any record of him after that.

William Henry BIRD [18985] was a second cousin once removed to Henry FOLLAND  [2733]. In 1881 he was a blacksmith living with his parents in Northam. His father was a lime burner. He married Alice BROAD and had children in Clifton, Bristol before living in Knowle, Bristol where he was a blacksmith in 1891 and 1901. He moved within Knowle to a house with a tobacconist shop. He was then a blacksmith employing two of his sons, Thomas Earnest and Oswald Henry, his daughters Lily and Dora were Tobacconist Assistants working at home and his other son Arthur William was a Newsagent Assistant working at home. He died in 1920 when he was an engineer and probate of his will was granted to his sons Thomas Earnest and Oswald Henry who were also engineers.

John NETHERWAY [743] was a first cousin twice removed to Henry FOLLAND  [2733]. When he married Mary DYMOND [97] in 1840 in Exbourne he was a blacksmith and continued to be a blacksmith on the 1841 and 1851 censuses. He died in 1852 aged 43. Mary, his wife, married his brother Harry NETHERWAY in 1854.

His father William NETHERWAY [27005] was recorded as a blacksmith in the Exbourne baptism register at the baptisms of his children from 1814 to 1829 and on the 1841 and 1851 censuses. He died in 1851 aged 52.

Thomas NETHERWAY [27126] was the brother of John NETHERWAY [743]. He was a blacksmith with his father in 1851 and on his own in 1861. By 1871 he had taken on the veterinary skills to become a farrier. He died in November 1871.

Blacksmiths in our BALE family.

Bartholomew FULFORD [2546] married Harriet BALE [387] in Northam in 1827 and was a blacksmith in Appledore. Between 1830 and 1833 they moved to Buckland Brewer. Harriet died in 1842 and he married her sister Prudence [392] before emigrating to Canada in 1848. In 1852 he was a blacksmith in Brighton, Ontario living in a frame house with his wife Prudence and their sons Edward [3914] who was also a blacksmith and John who was a carpenter. Next to them was his brother in law, William BALE a carpenter. Barholomew was a farmer on the 1861 census and died before the 1871 census.

Edward FULFORD [3914]  the son of  Bartholomew was also a farmer in 1861. He had married his cousin Maria BATE and was living near his father. On the 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901 his occupation was given as a blacksmith in Brighton, Ontario.

William Watkins JAMES [19003] was working as an apprentice smith with his father Peter JAMES [19012] in 1851. In 1853 he emigrated to Canada where he married Sarah BALE [546] and had three children before returning to Stoke Damerel where he was working as a smith with his father again in 1861 but returned to Canada before 1862 when another daughter was born. He died in 1869 in Hamilton, Ontario. Sarah BALE [546] and Bartholomew BALE [2546] are fourth cousins.

Peter JAMES [19012] the father of William Watkins JAMES and was a smith in Stoke Damerel in 1841 -1861. He emigrated with his wife and son William after the 1861 census and died in Ontario Canada in 1863.

William KELLY [10554] was a blacksmith in Northam in 1871, he was living at the Royal George kept by his parents in Irsha Street so possibly his forge was at the pub. His father died in 1880 and the pub was taken over by his father’s wife. William was still a blacksmith at the pub in 1881. By 1891 he had married but was still a blacksmith living in Irsha Street, Appledore. On the 1901 census he was a blacksmith’s labourer but in 1911 he was in the workhouse. William KELLY [10554] was brother of husband of Harriet BALE [669] and Harriet BALE was niece of wife of Bartholomew FULFORD [2546].

Blacksmiths in our FRIEND family.

Robert FRIEND [11498] was the great great grandson of William FRIEND [11377], the earliest ancestor we have found on that line. He was an agricultural labourer in 1871 but in 1881 he was a journeyman blacksmith with master blacksmith Robert HEARD  [10774]. (Robert HEARD was married to Betsy Newcombe FRIEND who was a third cousin of Robert FRIEND.)  In 1891 in was boarding at his brother’s house in Halfpenny Land, Dolton. He was a blacksmith neither employer or employed. His brother John was a carpenter. He was boarding with Henry DIMENT, a farmer, in 1901 in Chulmleigh where he was a blacksmith worker. Robert married Grace MITCHELL in 1908 but was still a blacksmith worker in Chulmleigh in 1911.

Thomas FRIEND [11540] was the great x3 grandson of William FRIEND [11377] and third cousin once removed of Robert FRIEND  [11498]. Thomas was an apprentice blacksmith with Robert HEARD  [10774] in 1881. He was a blacksmith in Charles in Plymouth in 1891 lodging at 1 Marine Cottages Deadmans Bay. His brother John, a horse driver was also lodging there. He married Dorcas Emma FRANCIS, moved to Lambhay Hill and became a farrier for a Cooperative Society.

John CLEMENS [11417] married Mary FRIEND, the granddaughter of William FRIEND [11377]. He is recorded as a blacksmith in the St Giles in the Wood baptism register and a smith on the 1841 census.

William WARE [15032] was apprentice blacksmith to his uncle John BEER [19095] in Bulkworthy, Devon  in 1851. When he married Mary TANTON in 1855 he was a mechanic. They emigrating to Canada where William continued to be a blacksmith.

John BEAR  [19095] was a blacksmith in Bulkworthy, Devon. In 1841 he had two journeymen, John HEAL and William HEARD, neither of whom we can link to the family. In 1851 his wife’s nephew William WARE [15032] was his apprentice.

More Devon Blacksmiths...

Henry DULLING [21287] was a blacksmith in Winkleigh in 1851.

Samuel POPE  [24801] was a blacksmith in Brushford recorded in the baptism register between 1816 and 1827. In 1841 he had two apprentices but died before the 1851 census. His son Samuel POPE [24822] was the blacksmith in Brushford in 1851 employing two men

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