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Hampton Poyle

From the Church  Wardens Accounts for Hampton Poyle Easter 1812-1867 held at Oxford Record Office.

(Note: Richard ELLARD [994] and his wife Elizabeth nee TUCKER were the parents of the parish clerk Joseph ELLARD the husband of Susan GILES.)

Nov 22 1812 Paid Elizth. Ellard for washing the surplus and clothes £1.3.2
March 27 1814 Paid Ellard for a new broom for church use 2s 4
June 9th 1816 Elizabeth Ellard for washing the surplus 2s 6
March 24 1817 Ellard for washing surplus 2s
Nov 13 1817 Paid BettyEllard for washing the surplus 2s 6

other entries like these

May 26 Paid Richard Ellard of cleaning the church £1.0.0
Oct 25 1825 Rd Ellard Half Days work church yard 9d
1826 paid Rd Ellard or the surplus washing 2s 6
1826 paid Hannah Ellard for mending surplus 6d (Hannah Ellard [989] daughter of Richard and Elizabeth)
1830 Whit Sunday Rd Ellard Days work 1s)

further entries re surplus washing

1931 paid Joseph Ellard  [992] one year clerks fees due Easter £1.11.6


The most important administrative role in the parish was that of  Churchwarden. Since the middle ages parishes have elected two wardens at Easter, the vicar's warden and the people's warden. Where parishes have more than one church or a particularly large congregation more sub wardens can be elected. The wardens are and were the peoples representatives in all parochial matters. The church wardens along with the overseers administered local poor relief and education. They had to ensure that children were baptised, parishioners attended services regularly, reported directly to the Archdeacon's court and they saw that any penances were carried out. They were responsible for the fabric of the nave and setting and collecting the church rate, the Constable, surveyor and verger reported directly to them. All bequests and gifts to the parish were collected by them and at each annual audit they took possession of all those that had gone before. They presided over the distribution annually of income from church gifts and were bound by law to keep detailed accounts. Although we have not found any female family members holding this post, women have been able to be elected since 1672.

Family Church Wardens

The earliest church officers we have found so far

John KNIGHT [1658] Chaddleworth, Berkshire (daughter Ann born 1683)

Joseph FROUDE [1359] Chaddleworth, Berkshire (married 1695 died 1747)

Thomas MARSHALL [7222] Holt, Worcestershire 1738-1749 & 1752-1754

William ELLARD [5131] Willoughby, Warwickshire June 1819-Mar 1824

Joseph HARRIS [1081] Hampton Poyle, Oxfordshire 1837-1859

As yet we have not visited Chaddleworth

Below are examples of Church Wardens’ Accounts with family entries.

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The church of St Martin, Holt, Worcester where Thomas MARSHALL was Church Warden between 1738-1749 and again 1752-1754. They seem to have been elected to hold the office for two years at a time. Thomas was an husbandman.


William ELLARD [5131] born 1764 son of William and Elizabeth nee Watson was Church Warden between June 1819-Mar 1824 as can be seen in the Vestry book. His cousin William ELLARD born 1774 son of Zaccheus and Ruth  nee Hart was also active in parish affairs.

While he was Church Warden he signed vestry meeting reports on several interesting topics such as the discussion of whether to join with Rugby and other parishes in setting up an “employment House” the forerunner of a workhouse and the rate the parish had to pay the surgeon for vaccinating the poor.

His signature and that of his cousin are shown here. We have yet to connect John TOWNSEND to the family but William the overseer’s mother was nee TOWNSEND.